Knowledge-based services are the third export sector in Argentina

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  • Jul 27

Argencon, the entity that promotes the export of Knowledge-Based Services (KBS), presented the report Argenconomics III, that illustrates the current analysis of the exportation of Argentine knowledge to the world.

KBSs are one form of export of greatest added value because they generate jobs, promote innovation and technological development of the country and are a great source of foreign currency influx. They are mainly composed of services such as accounting, legal, architecture, engineering, audiovisual contents, advertising, computing, investigation and development, consultancy and business services.

According to the report, in the last year Argentina exported knowledge for US$5.8 billion. It became the third greatest sector generator of foreign currencies, behind the soy and automotive industries, and overcame cereal, chemical products, fuel and metals, among other traditional export items.

This export volume of KBS allowed generating a positive balance of US$2.200 million against its imports.

With this 37% surplus, Argentina is the main country of the region in generating net income, being the second in volume of exports, behind Brazil.

During 2014, the level of employment of the KBS sector was stable at around 500,000 jobs, 25% of which was related to export.

"At Argencon we believe that 150,000 new jobs in this activity may be created in the next 10 years, generating US$10 billion to the Argentine economy directly," said Roberto Álvarez Roldán, President of Argencon.

"To reach this goal, a work plan is necessary between the Public and Private sectors with continuity in time keeping the economic conditions. We must grant competitive and systematic conditions and work hard on the formation of talents and the positioning of Argentina abroad. At Argencon we are committed to this vision and our actions are aimed thereto," said Álvarez Roldán.

In that sense, for the second semester of the year, Argencon will organize 2 meetings abroad to position the country as knowledge-based services producer for the global market. On the one hand, in June it will organize a workshop in Munich, Germany, with Argentine and local entrepreneurs in order to generate new business opportunities. On the other hand, in November it will organize a new meeting in New York along with the Council of Americas in order to share the experiences of important companies that export services from Argentina.

It is important to highlight that the entity will also participate in the next World BPO Forum to be held in June in New York, one of the more innovative technological events of the world, accompanying Argentine technological companies and promoting the growing industry of computing services of our country.

“We are facing the great challenge of consolidation as a central country to produce KBS for the global market. We have three essential values: highly qualified professionals, a friendly culture and proper infrastructure. We are willing to continue working with all the people involved in order to take advantage of these values and to strengthen the competitiveness of Argentina,” said Carlos Pallotti, CEO of Argencon.

Recently, the international consultant Everest Group elaborated a report that qualifies Buenos Aires as the best city of Latin America for producing services, for its cost/availability relation of skilled labor, and among the top-five of the world for the BPO services and among the top-ten for ITO.”