Argentina is the new cybersecurity champion in Japan

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  • Nov 17

Argentine IT talent is consolidating worldwide. The national team attained the first place in the 2016 International Data Mining and Cybersecurity Workshop (CDMC2016), Japan’s IT security "World Championship".

It is a group of students from the Master in Data Exploitation and Knowledge Management from the School of Engineering of Universidad Austral, which travelled to Kyoto and beat 42 teams from 14 countries, including China, Unites States, Japan and Korea.

Multidisciplinary, the team was comprised by the systems analyst Adriana Baravalle; Andrés D'Ambrosio, Mechanical Engineer; Diego Tauziet, Systems Engineer; Accountant Pablo Albani and Actuary Rafael Crescenzi.

The "World Championship" of cybersecurity has been held since 2010 and is organized by several of the most prestigious universities worldwide, such as the National Institute of Information and Communications of Japan.

This year, the challenge was to solve three issues through Data Mining, i.e., the process of extraction of significant information from large databases: to classify the information from encrypted webs, to foresee 8 different types of failures in a system and, finally, to reveal a series of malicious apps for Android.

“While we moved on, the team became more solid and encouraged us to improve in the results, competing with the best worldwide universities in this topic and being well positioned gave us more security and experience,” said Baravalle to Clarín.

In turn, each Data Mining task entailed three stages: pre-processing of data, training of the models in the data and final testing of the models to achieve predictions. The Argentine team had the best precision rate in each test.

“The greatest strength of the team was the diversity of our formation,” said Baravalle, and added that even though the prize –3000 New Zealand dollars– was not sufficient to cover the expenses of the trip, the experience "was an investment in knowledge. We got to know a lot of experts from different countries”.