Mendoza is closer to its huge Technological Park

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  • Nov 15

Software and hardware companies, IT and telecommunications are close to having a unique space in Mendoza.

It is the new Technological Park, the land of the provincial government that will host more than 30 ITC companies and universities, and that seeks to become the new center for innovation of the interior of the country.

However, the interaction will not be only of companies, but will also have Universities. Among the awardees of the property are the Universidad Tecnológica Nacional (UTN) and the Universidad Nacional de Cuyo.

Located at Godoy Cruz, the ITC Park is under construction and has an area of 3.6 hectares that will be divided into common spaces, 500 square meter lots and a huge 3.700 sq. meters central building, to be the next heart for Mendoza’s technology.

This space will have four stories, with reception services and a main hall; multi-use room; training room; offices for incubators and administration; servers room; bar, restaurant and kitchen; work offices; management offices; maintenance and sanitary space.

According to Ricardo Benegas, technical inspector of the work, the building is 65% ready, and the first three of the four levels are the most developed ones.

"The ground floor is practically concluded, except for the carpentry, as well as the first and second stories, which are missing minor details. We are currently devoted to the third level that is on structural work,” he added.

Finally, the technological park will be focused on knowledge: there will be training rooms for 50 people, multi-use auditoriums with capacity for 150 people, and multimedia rooms.