The government will eliminate computer import duties

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  • Nov 9

In order to strengthen the Argentine economy and create 15,000 new jobs in 3 years, in March 2017 the government will eliminate the 35% duty for the import of computers, notebooks and tablets. As a result of this measure, prices will be reduced, the quality of computers will be improved, and the productivity of thousands of companies in the country will be enhanced.

“Competition is our north. Argentina is the country of the region where computers are more expensive due to the lack of competition. Said extra charges are paid by all the citizens. The State is responsible for technology to be accessible to those who offer employment but, mainly, it has to contribute to reduce the digital gap. We will do it by caring for employment,” held Miguel Braun, National Secretary of Trade.

In turn, Production Minister, Francisco Cabrera, noted: “Our transformation strategy, that seeks to improve the competition of the whole economy in order to create employment, is part of the National Productive Plan. Without competition we have obsolete and expensive computers, and underemployed workers with low salaries. With competition, SMEs and the families will have access to better technology, will create new jobs, and the State will join the workers in the transition. The access to technology will favor digital inclusion.”

Care for workers

At present, 4,900 people work in the country in tasks related to computer and notebook assembly, approximately 1,000 of which would be affected (74% in the City of Buenos Aires and Province of Buenos Aires).

The ministries of Labor and Production are working with the unions, the companies and the workers to join the transition with a plan that includes training, employment insurance and agreements with new employers, where the State will cover up to 50% of the salary for one year. Workers will be able to voluntarily participate in the labor transformation program to reorient their race towards more dynamic sectors, with employment demand and genuine competitive opportunities.

Complementary measures

As explained by the Ministry of Production through a report, financing facilities will be implemented with programs allowing 18-24 installments to favor the purchase of notebooks assembled in the country. In addition, the State will acquire 250,000 notebooks for the Conectar Igualdad Program.

On the other hand, the State undertook to absorb the jobs of the sectors in more competitive niches, as part of the transformation plan created jointly with the Ministry of Labor. For example, LED lights; digital TV; clean energies (solar panels); services; robotics and precision electronics applied to other industries, among others.