Santa Fe: We want to strengthen the KBS industry

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  • Nov 8

The minister of science, technology and productive innovation of Santa Fe, Eduardo Matozo, visited Zona i in Rosario and referred to the importance of adding value to raw material.

“We are convinced that the future resides on the knowledge-based companies and in adding value to the raw material produced in our province,” noted the head of Santa Fe’s scientific portfolio, Eduardo Matozo, during the technological meeting held in Rosario.

The minister visited Zona i, the property dedicated to the production of technologies, together with national authorities and businessmen. There, he noted that the province "seeks to strengthen the industry of knowledge based services, that has huge potential."

In this sense, Matozo emphasized the need to articulate actions for the industry among the national government, the province and local governments. "Coordinating public policies is essential for our promotion and development; isolated work must be part of the past," he added.

The gathering was attended by Carlos Pallotti, Deputy-Secretary of Technological and Productive Services of the National Ministry of Production, who made a presentation about the regional development of the KBS and the lines of action in the portfolio.

“The provincial governments have been working long with science and technology, but Santa Fe has a particular potential. The opportunity of growth exists, we must be the protagonists and become involved,” he noted.

The gathering was part of a working project that seeks to promote the new Technology Pole of Rosario, which already takes up 30 hectares and accommodates several provincial initiatives –like an innovation school- and companies that settled in the property.

In turn, Germán Giró, Chairman of the Pole, concluded: “We want the companies of the Pole to think globally, independently of their size. We are very committed with this working concept.”