Buenos Aires presented its Entrepreneur City Plan

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  • Nov 4

Last week, the Chief of Government of the City of Buenos Aires, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, presented the 2017 entrepreneur city plan “Plan de Ciudad Emprendedora 2017”, an initiative that seeks to favor agreements, conventions and sharing tables with actors of the entrepreneur ecosystem, and noted that “the future of Buenos Aires’ development resides on creative industries.”

“We are convinced that this effort we do to promote entrepreneurism and creativity in the City is worthwhile,” noted Rodríguez Larreta and said he had “no doubts” that “the future of Buenos Aires’ development resides on entrepreneurs, talent and creative industries.”

In this framework, the Chief of Government of the City of Buenos Aires held that “there is a fantastic entrepreneurial and creative human capital in Buenos Aires, and what we can do is to help with the Academy and the programs we are launching like the IncuBA, because it is hard, specially in the first stages of the projects.”

Buenos Aires, the entrepreneurial Generator of Latin America

The “Plan de Ciudad Emprendedora 2017” consists on a set of public policies in support of entrepreneurs to strengthen the instances of project development through integral programs that turn the City into the Latin America Entrepreneurial Generator.

The event was held at the Metropolitan Art Center, also with the attendance of the Ministry of Modernization, Innovation and Technology, Andy Freire, in addition to six entrepreneurs who were joined and benefited with the different programs promoted by the City.

“Highest level of well-trained talent”

During the presentation, Rodríguez Larreta held that the City has “a huge advantage” in the matter upon highlighting the “highest level of well-trained talent” and “highest level and number of students” from the city, and thus emphasized that his management shall bet “strong so that the future of economic development of Buenos Aires resides on the entrepreneurship, creativity and talent.”

This initiative is oriented towards promoting the development of co-working and generating spaces of personal interrelation for entrepreneurs, investors, social organizations, universities and referents of the entrepreneur ecosystem.

Within said framework, the IncuBAte program includes offices, trainings, mentoring, networking for one year and the contribution of $150,000, in seed capital, to each Company, so that between 35 and 60 technology-based firms are incubated in the Technological District of Parque Patricios and 10 other at the CMD.

Until today, almost 80 thousand persons took the programs and contests offered by the City, among which are the following: Vos Lo Hacés, Incuba, Academia BA, Potenciate, ImpacTec, LAB, PIE (Programa de Integración Emprendedora), Pacto Emprendedor and REIS (Red de Empresas para la Innovación Social), in addition to workshops for investors and entrepreneurs.

In 2017, the government of the City will incubate more than 100 companies in the areas of technology, audiovisual, design and social, in addition to launching the new programs of incubation of sustainable companies and undertakings linked to tourism.