Buenos Aires is among the top 25 best cities of the world

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  • Nov 26

Buenos Aires is ranked 21st among the 125 best cities in the world, according to the survey made by US consultancy AT Kearney. And is by far the most valued city in the region.

Evaluating indicators such as commercial activity, human capital, experience, cultural experience and innovation, the ranking makes a distinction among "alfa cities" which have an effect on world issues and have cultural influence.

Listed between Shanghai and Amsterdam, the city keeps moving upwards in the list –in 2008, for instance, it ranked 33rd – and keeps growing at the pace of cities such as London, New York, Paris, Tokyo and Hong Kong, which are on the top positions.

"To be in the TOP 25, a city has to have a pretty-solid performance in most of the dimensions which are analyzed. But there are two areas where Buenos Aires does well, namely, human capital and cultural experience," explained Andrés Mendoza Peña, partner of AT Kearney, to Clarín.

In human capital, Buenos Aires is ranked 11th worldwide due to its number of inhabitants with higher education, the level of its universities and the international focus of high schools.

As regards culture, as it’s known: museums, movie theaters, bookstores, musical and sports shows, culinary offers and all the historical Buenos Aires move that attracts people from all over the world. If we search in the web, Buenos Aires shows 264,000,000 results in Google in Spanish.

The Argentine capital is ranked 29th as to its business activity, standing out on the number of global business conferences. "It also has the presence of the main world service companies,” explains the consultancy.

Another indicator of the consultancy is the "Global Outlook", i.e., the potential of the cities in the future, which takes indicators such as personal wellbeing, economy, innovation and government. In this ranking, Buenos Aires is 55th.

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