eY will add a thousand professionals to grow in Argentina

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  • Jan 9

EY announced a plan to add 1000 young professionals to expand its business in Argentina, where it already has 2500 employees.

The company’s general manager in the country, Eduardo Coduri, presented his strategy to president Mauricio Macri in Olivos. The proposal is targeted to professionals formed in economic sciences, engineering and law for its offices in Buenos Aires, Córdoba and its next geographical expansion plan.

In addition, EY plans that 80 per cent of the hiring foreseen will be for the youth to have its first labor experience, 20 percent of whom will come from the interior of the country.

At the time, the country competed with Costa Rica to be the center of regional services, and it won. Now, it seeks to strengthen with more talent the local and international labor projects, and help customers throughout America, including the United States and Canada.

“Argentina is still very valued in the world for the quality of its professionals, for their university formation that keeps being very good, and that’s why the election of the country for this center,” explained the firm to El Cronista.

Of the "big four" in consulting, EY is the biggest. In addition, it is the tenth biggest private US company, according to Forbes. It offers auditing, tax, financial, accounting, calculations and actuarial studies services and advice in company management.