The government officially presented its plan to form 111,000 programmers

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  • Dec 27

The government launched officially the program “111 Mil Programadores” (“111 thousand programmers”), aimed at forming 111 thousand people in four years with the knowledge and skills to work in the knowledge-based services industry.

Last week, during an event at the Government House, the ambitious plan was presented by Ministers Francisco Cabrera (Production), Esteban Bullrich (Education and Sports) and the National Institute of Technological Education (INET).

Specifically, "111 Mil" teaches to program in one year, free of charge and throughout the country to young people to enter the labor world. The courses are already underway and already two hundred software and technology companies signed an undertaking to incorporate the graduates from the program.

"We want to have 111 thousand professionals, programmers and entrepreneurs, at the least; but no ceiling exists. There is no limit to what we Argentines can do in this area, in this industry. For me it is really a huge project, but specially a great happiness," said Bullrich during the presentation, according to La Nación.

In turn, Cabrera noted that software is "one of the industries to grow most in the next years in the world and in Argentina", and spoke about the need of generating "qualified and trained people to contribute their value".

Each course of the program will last two four-month periods, and may be taken at any of the institutions recognized as chapters of the plan, including technical schools, formation centers and universities throughout the country, those who have previous knowledge can obtain the certificate directly.

Focused on the market’s needs, the plan of studies is divided into 4 modules: programming techniques; labor relations and professional orientation; programming oriented to objects and databases. The courses may be started at the beginning of the year or by mid-year.